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Steve Bennefield started plumbing in 1986. He learned an incredible array of different techniques in the plumbing trade, earning his Journeyman License in 1988, just two years later. His interest in the subject, paired with a love of helping people, instilled a deep passion for his trade within him. Working with several amazing and talented plumbers developed a strong understanding of the trade that helped him stand out among his competition. After 14 years of perfecting his skills, he knew that it was time to start Flow Rite Plumbing.

Making All Your
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Flow Rite Plumbing was created and has been serving Texans since 1999. Steve has utilized his masterful skills to establish his brand upon a foundation of trust, compassion, and quality workmanship. In 2002, Steve obtained his Master Plumber License, fully claiming his position as an industry leader. At the end of the day, his biggest concern has always been to help keep Texans’ plumbing systems Flowing Rite.

Bennefield maintains his entrepreneurship independently, finishing client projects without a crew behind him. Ultimately, he encourages prospective clients to visit previous job sites, wherever possible, to see what Steve can do for them. He has completed hundreds of projects in East Texas, repairing and replacing any faulty faucets, pipes, toilets, water heaters, and more. He was also licensed with the Railroad Commission to install and repair propane gas. This license is renewed each year.

Customer service is the foundation of Flow Rite Plumbing. Steve has worked with many amazing clients over the years, establishing relationships with them that are built on trust and respect. He believes that it is crucial for a business to not only meet, but exceed their clients’ expectations. An honest dedication to his clients has allowed him to have repeat clients. Flow Rite Plumbing hopes to expand their client base in East Texas, ultimately serving as many people as possible, keeping the area’s plumbing systems in pristine condition.

Plumbing systems are a key aspect of a happy, healthy home. A broken garbage disposal can cause minor inconvenience and big arguments between loved ones. Sometimes, a client will simply need him to replace their garbage disposal. However, most of the time, bigger jobs require Steve to pick from his toolbox and roll up his sleeves. 

Occasionally, Steve is employed with the task of tackling intensive jobs like gas leaks and sewer damage. These kinds of projects are dangerous. Only professional, licensed plumbers like him should be handling plumbing projects that are this technical. However, regardless of the severity of the issue, Steve promises to get the job done Rite, the first time. He prioritizes customer satisfaction, time, and safety above all else.

Similarly, he knows that attention to detail is crucial. Plumbing requires a keen, trained eye to properly assess situations. He must also apply this attention to detail on the job, when he is performing tasks that require expert care. One false move has the potential to throw off an entire project, and Bennefield is too dedicated to his clients’ satisfaction to allow that to happen. Instead, he has implemented time management skills to his workflow so that he can do it Rite on the first try.

Those who work with Steve always mention that he truly puts homeowners first. In his field, he is being allowed into families’ personal spaces. This is no small feat, so he treats each home with care. Some clients mention that they enjoy really getting to know him, making it a more personable experience than with other plumbers that they have hired. Eventually, clients may come to find that Steve becomes a friend, making it more pleasurable to hire him when plumbing damage occurs.

Ultimately, Steve has combined his passion for plumbing and people to create his business. Now, he aims to take Flow Rite Plumbing even further. Currently, Flow Rite Plumbing has earned their space as an industry leader. It didn’t happen overnight, though. Steve’s incredible journey has proven that with time and dedication, anything is possible. 

Steve encourages everybody that is interested in working with Flow Rite Plumbing to speak to other customers. Word of mouth is our most powerful marketing tool. Our clients will tell you everything that we’ve outlined and more, hopefully getting you excited to work with Flow Rite for years to come. If you need to get something Flowing Rite, contact Steve today! He’ll get it done Rite on the first try.


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